Save the Children will implement a child protection project in Khovd aimag

Starting in January 2023, Save the Children’s project “Establishing school-based child protection mechanism in Mongolia” will be implemented in Khovd aimag. This child protection project will be implemented for three years by Save the Children Japan, Mongolia Office (SCJM) in collaboration with the Khovd aimag Governor’s Office, and an official meeting was held at the local government house on January 18, 2023 to sign a Memorandum of Understanding. The memorandum was countersigned by Mrs. E. Bolormaa, Khovd aimag Governor, and Mrs. E. Tsolmon, Child Protection and Child Rights Governance Programs manager, Save the Children.

SCJM is working within the framework of this project to introduce its best practices and methods for building the capacity of duty bearers to implement child rights in the country. In the aimag’s center and Darvi soum, we will assist two schools and two multidisciplinary teams in becoming models of community-based child protection in educational settings.” said Mrs. E. Tsolmon, Child Protection and Child Rights Governance Programs manager, Save the Children.

“What has concerned us in recent years is that children are not only abused by their parents and family circumstances, but are also subjected to violence and bullying at school. We are thrilled that educators, parents, guardians, school staff, members of the multidisciplinary team, and the children themselves are collaborating to improve child protection conditions at school, end violence, and bring international experiences and methods to Khovd aimag.” highlighted Mr. B.Altangerel, Head of the Aimag Education and science department.

SCJM will train school staff, teachers, and parents in Khovd aimag on how to support children’s learning and development in non-violent ways, as well as improve and establish cooperation between school and multidisciplinary teams, so parents and caregivers will pay attention to child protection issues and create practices that actively protect children. Furthermore, by encouraging children’s participation, it is planned to implement activities within the project framework to assist them in overcoming difficulties and acquiring the skills of mentoring their peers.

In parallel, Save the Children Japan, Mongolia Office is successfully implementing the other projects including “Entrepreneurship focused Socioemotional Skills for the Most Vulnerable Youth in Rural Mongolia”“Promoting Inclusive Education for Every Last Child in Mongolia – 2″, and “Improving Literacy Skills of Herder Parents of Children with Special Educational Needs” in Khovd aimag.