Inclusive education was introduced to the public

The “Promoting Inclusive Education for Every Last Child in Mongolia-2” project implemented by Save the Children organized an awareness-raising event on Inclusive Education for the public on October 26, 2023, in the art hall of the 79th school of Bayanzurkh district. Parents, teachers, children, and youth who attended the event received free information and advice on inclusive education from professional organizations.

The project officer, G. Uyanga, said: “We have successfully organized a one-day awareness-raising event to increase the public’s knowledge and inform and advise parents and the public about inclusive education. This event is unique in that it was organized in cooperation with professional organizations and engaged the public on a larger scale. During this event, more than 300 teachers, parents, and students received information and advice from professionals in their areas of interest. They strengthened their knowledge of working and communicating with children with special needs.”

This awareness-raising event was carried out jointly with the Autism Association of Mongolia, the Down Syndrome Association of Mongolia, the Mongolian National Federation of the Blind, the Deaf Education NGO, the Association of Parents with Differently-Abled Children, and the Student Council members and teachers of the project’s target school.

A. Amarbuyan, head of the Board of Directors of the Autism Association of Mongolia, said, “Teachers need information and advice on how to work with children with autism. Therefore, receiving individual consultancy is an advantage. Parents are also receiving advice on how to work with their children. It is crucial that there is an opportunity for citizens to come and get information.” A resident of the 16th district of Bayanzurkh district who participated in the event said, “It was a beneficial event. It allowed me to have individual meetings with experts and receive information on how to communicate with and educate my child”.