An ambulance donated to Chandmani soum hospital

The Health Club of the Secondary School received necessary equipment-

Save the Children has been implementing a health project in Chandmani Soum of Gobi-Altai province with support and funding from US-based Denan project since 2022. The project has helped to open a dental cabinet, recruit and train a dentist to enable access to a high-quality dental services in rural communities.

This time, Save the Children and the local council of Chandmani soum in Gobi-Altai province in Ulaanbaatar handed over a new ambulance to Chandmani soum hospital on November 1, 2023.

In his opening speech, L. Bayan-Altai, Country Manager of Save the Children in Mongolia, said: “One year ago today, we established a dental cabinet at Chandmani Soum. Since then, we have seen remarkable change in dental health across the neighboring communities, and a total of 1,078 residents has received dental services. About 800 of them were children under 18. Not only residents of Chandmani Soum, but also the residents of nearby Tsogt soum, Bayantooroo villages, Baatsagaan, Buutsagaan and Bayan-Undur soums of Bayankhongor province, have travelled to Chandmani soum to receive oral health care services. Today, I am very happy to hand over this new car from Save the Children, which is ready to provide health services to the remote residents of the soum. There is no doubt this ambulance will deliver emergency medical service to hundreds of residents and save their lives”.

Ch. Erdene-Ochir, the governor of Chandmani soum said: “We faced difficulties to render healthcare services over the past two years due to the lack of an ambulance and budget constraints. We deeply appreciate this generous donation from the Denan project, Save the Children and local council of Chandmani soum. This support enables us to provide quality healthcare services to herder communities and other residents”

Ch. Bat-Erdene, the head of Chandmani Health Care Center explained:“Since 2021, Chandmani Health Care Center had encountered many challenges due to a broken ambulance, making it impossible to render healthcare services to remote herder communities. The new vehicle is a crucial and timely investment. Today, on this handover day, the ambulance promptly embarked on its journey to provide healthcare services”.

We had the opportunity to talk to O.Tsogbaatar, a resident of Chandmani soum, who expressed his gratitude to have a brand new ambulance at the local health care center. He highlighted that this was a much-needed addition as they had to rely on private vehicles for medical transportation.

On this same day, Save the Children provided necessary equipment to the Chandmani soum’s secondary school to support its Health Club activities. The Denan project supported the establishment of a Health Club with the aim to promote public health and raise awareness of wider community.