Save the Children provided five-walled and fully furnished gers to 25 families affected by the flood

– These gers are fully furnished, consisting of five walls, double insulation, floors, and stoves –

On August 5, 2023, Ulaanbaatar city experienced heavy rainfall, which resulted in significant flooding in many households located in the 21st, 27th, and 29th khoroos of the Bayanzurkh district. Save the Children continues to implement projects aimed at helping families and children who were impacted by this flood.

On October 11, 2023, the Save the Children, as part of its humanitarian aid program, supplied 25 families in the 21st, 27th, and 29th khoroos of Bayanzurkh district with five-walled and fully furnished gers.

On this occasion, Mr.L.Bayan-Altai, the Country Manager and Representative of Save the Children Japan’s Mongolia Country Programme, said, “Through humanitarian aid, we distributed school uniforms, sports shoes, bags, and essential school supplies to both primary school and kindergarten children. Additionally, we conducted psychological first aid training. Considering the recent flooding that left these children without homes and separated from their parents, we are also providing gers furnished with double insulation, floors, and stoves to ensure their well-being during the upcoming cold season”.

The relief gers have been equipped with floors and stoves, along with beds, blankets, and mattresses for the children. These essentials were provided to families who lost their homes due to the flood, had multiple children, had limited income, and were in need of support.

Ms.S.Byambasuren, a resident of the 29th khoroo of Bayanzurkh district, shared, “We lost our ger in the flood. Currently, we are residing in a small summer house where it is not possible to use fire for heating. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to get a ger, especially during a period when we cannot find a ger for rent and lack money to buy one.” Furthermore, Mr.J.Gurdavga, a resident of the 21st khoroo of Bayanzurkh district, conveyed, “Our family consists of six members, including my wife and four children. The flooding rendered our previous ger uninhabitable, and we had to relocate to a temporary summer house. I am grateful to now have a proper home for my family.”

Save the Children, as part of its humanitarian aid project, has provided school uniforms and sports shoes for school-age children, distributed school bags and educational supplies to both school and kindergarten students, provided a range of toys and storybooks for preschoolers who are homeschooled, and supplied families with shoes, two varieties of multivitamins, and disinfectants. With the aim to enhance disaster preparedness, empower the community, and implement effective disaster response measures, “Early Psychological First Aid for Children” training program was conducted for child protection service providers and children. The Save the Children is working to start “Group Psychotherapy” as the next activity to further support those in need.

B.Nyamdorj, Governor of 29th khoroo of Bayanzurkh district said, “We collaborated with the Save the Children, which is currently implementing an aid project. Their relationship and attitude were positive. They exhibited dedication in all their tasks, conducted personal visits to each family, and attentively considered their suggestions. Through mutual consultations and collaborative efforts, we were able to effectively and successfully complete the project.”

This aid is a collaborative financial effort, with a total of USD 110,000 or MNT 380 million provided by the “SEED” humanitarian fund of Save the Children International, Save the Children Korea, and Save the Children Japan.