Visit to Sumber soum in Gobisumber aimag to learn about the projects

Save the Children is implementing the “Entrepreneurship-Focused Socio-Emotional Skills for the Most Vulnerable Youth in Rural Mongolia” project funded by the Japan Social Development Fund and managed by the World Bank. This project is being implemented in 25 soums of five aimags – Khovd, Zavkhan, Uvurkhangai, Gobisumber, and Sukhbaatar aimag, including Sumber soum in Gobisumber aimag. On November 16-18, 2023, members of the project management board and representatives of the partner organizations traveled to Sumber soum to learn about the activities and results of the projects implemented in that soum. They visited secondary schools No. 1, 2, and 5, the Polytechnical College, and the Center for Lifelong Learning to learn more about the ESEL program implemented in these organizations, studied the progress and results of the micro-projects carried out by children and youth, and got acquainted with the business model and activities of the School-based Enterprise Project implemented at school No 1. Mrs.J. Bolormaa, head of the Student Development Department of the General Authority for Education, said: “In the process of getting acquainted with the projects, I observed that there has been great progress for the children. The children acquired the ability to express themselves, work in a team, work independently, take initiative, and perform their work effectively for people.”

Officials who visited the project site had an objective to find out how to ensure the sustainability of the project activities and coordination with national and sectoral activities. A. Zurgaanjin, head of the Department of Education and Science of Gobisumber aimag, said: “It is a project that made a big change to the future of children and youth. Teachers and children of educational institutions of our aimag are active and creative. The children came up with creative, interesting, and innovative projects. Most of the projects have already been completed, but they can be continued and access more funding and investments.”

Representatives of many different partners and stakeholders joined this trip including members of the project management board, representatives of the General Authority for Education, Mongolian National Institute for Educational Research, General Agency for Labor and Welfare Services, the World Bank, members of the project management team, Chairman of the People’s Representative Khural and the Deputy Governor of Gobisumber aimag, members of the project aimag and soum councils, aimag project staff, secondary schools implementing the ESEL program, director and representatives of teachers and students of Polytechnical College, director and representatives of teachers and students of the Center for Lifelong Learning.