A center for laundry services and community-oriented activities has been inaugurated

The “Bubble Laundry and Cleaning Center” project, supported by the regional office of Save the Children, was officially launched on March 14, 2024. This initiative, housed within the premises of the “Ar Khuree” center in the 28th district of Songinokhairkhan district, aims to offer eco-friendly clothes laundry services to local residents. Additionally, it will establish a community service center designed to empower citizens, children, and youth through comprehensive collaboration efforts.

Ariunbolor.Ch, Supervisor of the Bubble center, remarked, “Since the inception of our project until the Lunar New Year, we have been serving a significant number of people. We are equipped with high-quality smart washers and dryers, which our customers have warmly received. The laundry detergent provided by our center has been well-acknowledged for its quality. Additionally, we offer free computer usage for our customers. Every Saturday, we host various training sessions and events, encouraging active participation.”

Bayanjargal.Ts, a resident of the 28th khoroo of Songinokhairkhan district, shared, “I suffer from asthma, and therefore I am very keen about using organic detergent for washing clothes. It can be challenging to find the right detergent. The center has been incredibly accommodating, allowing customers to express their preferences and offering different choices. I also appreciate regular promotions and discounts.”

The project implemented by Save the Children will serve the local community with smart washing and drying machines, and steam irons, along with free computer usage. Training activities will offer development programs to children and youth, as well as volunteer work programs. Profits generated within the project will be utilized to fund child development projects, support climate change and environmentally friendly initiatives, and promote employment. Community service centers are expected to be established as part of this endeavor.

If you wish to learn more about the project or collaborate with us, please visit us at the 2nd floor of the “Ar Khuree” center, located at No. 4-6, 28th district, Songinokhairkhan district. You can also reach us at 99098432 and 80336789. Additionally, follow our Bubble Center Facebook page to stay updated on promotions and new services.