Supervision organized for multidisciplinary teams

Save the Children’s “Protecting Girls from Violence and Exploitation in Mongolia” project empowers professionals who provide services to victims/survivors of sexual abuse to protect and prevent girls from risks of violence and exploitation through health, child protection and education services.

Within the framework of the project, in cooperation with the capital city governor’s office, district governor’s offices, the Department of Child and Family Development and Protection, members of multidisciplinary teams from 24 khoroos across five districts of Ulaanbaatar were provided supervision and participated in case discussions.

Between May 2023 and April 2024, a total of 153 supervision were provided to multidisciplinary team members and social workers from 24 khoroos. This included initial evaluations of social worker abilities, development of individualized plans based on the evaluations, and workplace counseling, which proved to be valuable support for the social workers. The supervision activities concluded on April 12, 2024.


Bayan-Altai, Save the Children’s Mongolia Country Manager and Representative, opened the event, highlighting the organization’s longstanding commitment to social work development in Mongolia. “Save the Children has prioritized social work development in Mongolia since our initial operations began here. For 21 years, our Child Protection Program has advocated for the importance of multidisciplinary teams at the primary stage of child protection. We’ve also provided long-standing workplace consulting services. Through this project, we’ve empowered 24 multidisciplinary teams with trauma-informed, survivor-friendly service methodologies.”

During the closing event, multidisciplinary team members and social workers shared their experiences, detailing the progress and positive changes they achieved through participation in supervision and case discussions.

Urantuya, a social worker of 26th khoroo of Bayanzurkh District, said, “Many khoroos rely on social workers without formal qualifications. Participating in supervision has proven very beneficial, addressing knowledge gaps and uncertainties, equipping us to prepare cases following procedures, and enabling us to resolve them swiftly and effectively.”

In addition to the supervision activities, 25 district-based case discussions were held, engaging 264 multidisciplinary team members. These discussions proved highly valuable, allowing social workers to present challenging cases, share experiences, and collaboratively develop solutions. Additionally, the discussions provided a platform for professional and methodological guidance on critical topics like case presentation, social worker ethics, confidentiality, safety, and working with abused children.

M. Bayarmaa, specialist at the Bayangol District Family, Children, Development and Protection Department, said, ” This project’s experience has empowered us to extend supervision and case discussions to khoroos beyond the initial project scope. Regular activities like these demonstrably enhance both work productivity and employee well-being.”

The final survey results indicate significant improvement in case filing and form completion methods among multidisciplinary team members and social workers across the 24 khoroos following their participation in the year-long supervision activity. Notably, the activity empowered them to deliver higher quality, ethical, and professional services, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to operate independently.

Save the Children’s “Protecting Girls from Violence and Exploitation” project successfully concluded its supervision activities for joint teams. To ensure ongoing support, the project team provided a comprehensive resource kit specifically designed to aid multidisciplinary teams in their vital work. We extend our best wishes for the teams’ continued success.