Save the Children is a worldwide, non-religious, non-political, and independent children’s rights organization. Since we opened in Mongolia in 1994, we have worked in Ulaanbaatar and target aimags on education, child protection, child rights governance, and emergency relief assistance. Our mission is to make a positive impact and make substantial and sustainable changes to children’s lives.

Save the Children’s procurement process is conducted under Mongolian laws and regulations. Save the Children is an open and publicly accountable organization that strives to be transparent in all our activities. Our procurement process is fair with strict controls in place to avoid giving advantage to any individual, organization, or business.

Basic principles of selection of goods, works, and services:

  • Price and quality comparison
  • Delivery time
  • Work and professional experience
  • Experience working with international organizations
  • Quotations related to the tender and other additional requirements mentioned in the terms of reference.

What are the stages of the procurement process?

Procurement arrangements vary according to cost of the procurement.

  • Publish a bidding announcement.
  • Collect quotations.
  • Review and compare quotations.
  • Monitor procurement activities and approve comparisons.
  • Approve the procurement and give the necessary permission to start the procurement.

In the procurement process, Save the Children implements financial policies and upholds the principles of whistleblower and child safety.

Child Safeguarding Policy

Violence against children is no longer tolerated. All partner organizations and individuals will work together within the framework of this child protection policy.

Please visit this page for more information related to procurement notices (tenders, bids, quotations, etc.) announced by Save the Children.