Child Protection Program

The Child Protection Program of the Save the Children disseminates positive discipline methods and strengthens child protection response services that prevent and protect children from violence, abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

In the past 20 years, we have implemented projects such as:

  • Promoting Child Protection of Working Children
  • Home-based Compensatory Education Program
  • Increasing the Capacity of Public Servants for Child Protection
  • Child Protection in Emergencies
  • Social Circus
  • Focus on Kids
  • “Khot Ail” Shelters
  • The Child Centre
  • Strengthening the Child Protection System in Mongolia – Stage 1 and 2

Save the Children is committed to children being protected in all settings. In 2016, the Parliament of Mongolia adopted the Law on the Rights of the Child and the Law on Child Protection which included prohibition of corporal punishment in all settings, making Mongolia only the 49th country to ban physical and humiliating punishment of children. Save the Children played a key role in advocating for these laws to be passed by Parliament.
We led public media awareness campaigns to change attitudes toward corporal punishment, and we support and cooperate with civil society organizations working for child rights and protection, especially those working towards ending corporal and humiliating punishment.

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