Delgerzaya manages Save the Children Mongolia’s human resources and administration, as well as the coordination of safety across all aspects of operation.

She has experience working as an Education Manager at the International School of Mongolian Studies for Foreigners, and as Logistics Manager at the American travel company Boojum expedition. Delgerzaya has worked for Save the Children since 2008. Initially as  an Administration & Human Resource Officer, then as an Administration, Logistics & Procurement Officer for Save the Children UK. In 2013 she assumed her current role as Manager of Administration and Human Resources at Save the Children Japan Mongolia office.

In addition to her 19 years of work experience in procurement, logistics, human resources, safety and security, she has worked  on humanitarian projects: helping herders who were affected in the zud disaster and supporting the operation of an inter-soum (rural) hospital.

Delgerzaya holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Journalism from the National University of Mongolia and a Master of Social Administration from the State Agency Academy of Management in Mongolia. She has acquired knowledge and experience in emergency preparedness and response covering all aspects of planning, preparation, safety, security, and emergency leadership in different scenarios including in earthquakes and other disasters, via participation in international and regional simulation trainings.

Her areas of interest are emergency preparedness, humanitarian response, human resources, self-development, public health and tourism. She enjoys hiking, horse riding and travelling.