Bulgan Baatarsuren joined Save the Children UK in February 2008, initially as an Accountant, and then in October 2008 she took a role of a Finance and Grants Officer. In 2012 she was promoted to her current role as the Finance Manager at Save the Children Japan Mongolia office.

She is responsible for ensuring that the organization has efficient and effective financial policies, practices and control mechanisms, and fulfills national legislative requirements. Her main roles include providing quality financial and risk information, advising the organization and our partners, budget development, forecasting future financial plans, financial monitoring and reporting.

Before joining Save the Children, Ms.Bulgan was a freelance translator and previously worked as a Coordinator for a National Volunteering project jointly implemented by UN Volunteers and VSO.

She has a BA in International Relations from the National University of Mongolia (NUM), and a BBA in Accounting from the Institute of Finance and Economics, and has a MBA in Management from the NUM.

She enjoys cooking, reading and travelling.