“Differently Different” advocacy campaign, Stage 3 (2021)

Within “Promoting Inclusive Education for Every Last Child in Mongolia” project, the third stage of the “Differently Different” advocacy campaign was conducted in 2021. As the continuation of two previous stages, conducted in 2019 and 2020 respectively, the campaign aimed to enhance inclusive education culture and help create inclusive culture in wider society. The primary target audience were parents, teachers, students and general public to change the attitude towards inclusiveness and children with special needs.

Within the campaign, we created posters, videos and success stories and disseminated via social media channels from 1st to 25th March 2021. Within this period, we reached 1,302,031 people in duplicated number. The most engaging content was “The story of Munkhjin”, a girl student of the Songinokhairkhan district’s Lifelong Education Center that reached 270,100 people alone. You can watch the campaign’s contents here.