“Educational and Psycho-social support for flood-affected children and communities in Bayan-Ulgii and Khovd provinces of Mongolia” project (2018-2019)

Flash flooding that occurred in June and July 2018 in some provinces and in the districts of Ulaanbaatar caused 8 people to lose their lives, 72 to be injured, and damage to power lines and roads.

We have conducted a rapid assessment in August 2018 and implemented a four-month response and early recovery project, funded by the Japan Platform (JPF), to support educational and psycho-social needs of flood-affected children and families in 4 flood-affected soums of Bayan-Ulgii and Khovd provinces.

Within the implementation of the project, we conducted ToT to 50 officials including school managers, social workers, and teachers from 15 schools from target 4 soums. As well, 81 children were trained as “peer to peer educators” on psychological first aid (PFA). Furthermore, peer educators disseminated information and conducted training on PFA to a further 855 children.

A 201 million MNT conditional cash transfer program was implemented for the educational needs of 970 children of 515 flood-affected families in Bayan-Ulgii
and Khovd aimags.

Project Video