Entrepreneurship-Focused Socio-Emotional Skills for the Most Vulnerable Youth in Rural Mongolia

Project Goal

Since 2020, Save the Children implements “Entrepreneurship-Focused Socio-Emotional Skills For The Most Vulnerable Youth In Rural Mongolia” project in 25 soums of Khovd, Zavkhan, Uvurkhangai, Govi-Sumber, Sukhbaatar provinces of Mongolia. This project is funded by the Japan Social Development Fund, a World Bank Group Trust Fund.
Adolescents and young people in rural Mongolia face significant challenges due to the lack of job opportunities and skills in rural areas. The project addresses this challenge by providing target young people with socio-emotional skills and entrepreneurship education that are in high demand in today’s labour market.

Target Area of the Project

Key Interventions

We develop an innovative curriculum for individual skills and entrepreneurship education with the participation of adolescents and implement them in cooperation with local secondary schools and Lifelong Education Centers. The project also funds micro-projects developed by children and youth to support putting their knowledge and skills into practice and to provide with mentoring, counselling, and experience-sharing support. As well, we work to strengthen local partnerships to bolster effective project implementation and sustainability, disseminate project best practices to other communities through advocacy and community campaigns, and strengthen the policy environment that supports entrepreneurship education.

Entrepreneurship Focused Socio-emotional Learning (ESEL)