Improving literacy skills of herder parents of children with special educational needs (2021-2022)

The project, funded by the Australian Volunteers Program’s Advocacy Fund, is designed to (1) enhance the literacy skills of illiterate herder parents of children with disability through distance learning and mobile training; (2) develop these parents’ skills to work with their children; and (3) disseminate the project results and best practices within target areas and to other aimags.
Project Objectives

  1. To improve literacy skills and build the confidence of at least 60 herder parents to help their children study and meet their educational milestones.
  2. To work with local governments in target and neighbouring aimags to improve their understanding and capacity to make informed decisions about meeting the needs of their local social groups, especially young parents.

Project activities

  1. Conduct a baseline assessment of literacy and numeracy skills
  2. Organize mobile training with financial incentives and evaluate progress achieved
  3. Disseminate the project outcomes to local governments and relevant stakeholders

Target Group

Arvaikheer, Uyanga, Kharkhorin soums of Uvurkhangai aimag