Preparing Youth For Democracy In Mongolia (2020-2022)

Funded by the United Nations Fund for Democracy, the “Preparing Youth For Democracy” project was implemented in Ulaanbaatar city districts and Khovd aimag in 2020-2022. The project was designed to empower young people to participate in decision-making processes through raising their awareness of democratic values, citizen participation, and electoral processes. We reviewed the existing curriculum for Civic Education to identify gaps in content and methodology and developed extracurricular activities for target youth.
The project aimed to analyze and make recommendations on the content and methodology of the secondary school curriculum on democratic governance and citizen participation. As well, it helped to improve the knowledge of target youth on democratic values and electoral processes. It empowered young people to participate in democratic processes and debate.
The project’s target audience were the youth aged 15-19 in Bayangol and Chingeltei districts of the capital city, which have large populations of young people living in apartments and gers; and in Khovd aimag, a multi-ethnic western province of Mongolia with a significant herder population, where a rural branch of the University of Mongolia is located. The project established ten Young Voters Clubs in Ulaanbaatar and Khovd province, with over 250 members, who, in turn, engaged 5,823 youth to promote democratic values and participation in the election process.