Promoting Inclusive Education for Every Last Child in Mongolia-2

Project Goal

In 2021, Save the Children in Mongolia started implementing a three-year project “Promoting Inclusive Education throughout primary and lower-secondary education in Mongolia” funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. We target children with special needs between 6th and 9th grade, teachers and staff of selected public schools, parents and caretakers. We aim to promote inclusive education throughout primary and lower secondary education in Bayanzurkh, Chingeltei, Songinokhairkhan districts of Ulaanbaatar city, Khovd and Uvurkhangai aimags.

Target area of the project

Key Interventions

We work to improve readiness for 5th grade students to ensure smooth transfer from primary to lower-secondary school and establish Inclusive Education model.
As well, we aim to support parents to help their children in their transition and advocate for improvement of related policies and regulations at the national level.