“Protecting Girls from Violence and Exploitation in Mongolia” project (2021-2024)

Project Goal

Funded by the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women (UN Trust Fund), the project, titled “Protecting Girls from Violence and Exploitation” is being implemented in Songinokhairkhan, Chingeltei, Bayanzurkh, Bayangol and Sukhbaatar districts of Ulaanbaatar city. Save the Children shares the UN Trust Fund’s objectives to “eliminate violence against women and girls and develop and improve access to relevant basic, safe services, particularly in relation to the effects of COVID-19 conditions”.
The project goal is to ensure better protection of girls of 12-18 years in 5 low socio-economic districts of Ulaanbaatar by district health, protection and education services from increased risks of violence and exploitation due to factors exacerbated by the effects of COVID-19. We also aim to improve the status of girls’ rights by combatting domestic violence and building the capacity of child protection service providers. The project helps to strengthen inter-disciplinary coordination and collaboration on the prevention of gender-based violence by involving educational agencies, supporting child participation and improving collection of data on gender-based violence.

Target Area of the Project

Key Outcomes

Outcome 1: Key government and CSO personnel will have gained greater capacity to provide specialized services in 5 districts of Ulaanbaatar for 12–18-year-old girl survivors of violence, sexual abuse and trafficking exacerbated by COVID-19, using victim-centered and trauma-informed approaches
Outcome 2: At least 1500 school children will have undertaken school-based COVID-aware activities promoting self-care, self-empowerment and peer support for preventing gender-based violence (GBV) and exploitation of adolescent girls.
Outcome 3: Girls of 12-18 years in Mongolia will have online access to information and resources on GBV prevention, protection and aftercare.
Outcome 4: Guidelines and recommendations for addressing gaps in existing systems for collecting data on violence, exploitation and trafficking of girls will be developed to better inform preventive strategies.