Enhancing Youth-Led Engagement for Creating an Inclusive and Livable City in Ulaanbaatar Ger Areas (2022-2023)

Save the Children successfully executed a youth engagement project in the Bayankhoshuu and Selbe areas, encompassing 11 sub-districts (khoroos). This initiative aimed to comprehend the aspirations and needs of local youth, fostering a conducive environment for meaningful youth engagement (MYE), and piloting MYE in the context of urban development and governance. The project received financial support from the Asia Development Bank and was carried out in collaboration with Ulaanbaatar Urban Services, Ger Area Development Investment Program, and Ulaanbaatar Green Affordable Housing and Resilient Urban Renewal Project.
Key components of the project included the activation of the Youth Ambassador Program, a comprehensive review of youth development policies, and a comparative analysis of youth situations at the local level vis-à-vis national standards. Through the Youth Ambassador Program, young individuals were equipped with urban development knowledge, technical skills, and soft skills. Utilizing participatory methods, Youth Leaders and Youth Ambassadors engaged in a series of activities to contribute their insights, aspirations, and needs, thereby actively shaping an inclusive and livable environment.
Small projects, initiated and implemented by youth were: 1. Enhancing household street labeling project. 2. Enabling an inclusive environment by creation of Knowledge room project, 3. Enhancing child and youth development center project, 4. Enabling an inclusive environment by creating 3×3 Basketball court project, 5. Enhancing road safety by installation of Safety mirror project, and 6. Piloting green environment by Green Selbe project.
This empowered youth cohort gained hands-on experience in micro-project implementation, reinforcing their role as active contributors to the creation of an inclusive and livable community. The project exemplified a successful collaboration between Save the Children, the Asia Development Bank, and local partners, highlighting the significance of meaningful youth engagement in the development landscape.