Save the Children takes a leading role in supporting children’s participation in emergency preparedness. From 2014 to 2016 Save the Children joined the National Emergency Management Agency and the National Authority for Children, to strengthen school capacity to protect children in emergencies and to promote child-centered disaster risk reduction.
The project focused on establishing child-protected school environments before, during and after disasters, and building capacity to have emergency preparedness plans in place. The project model was implemented in 5 schools and 3 kindergartens in Ulaanbaatar city and Uvurkhangai aimag. Children were trained to minimize dangerous situations. They learned how to assess disaster risks in their schools, how to cooperate with adults to reduce risks, and how to protect themselves and other children during emergencies.

Recent years, frequency of earthquake tremors and the potential for major disaster has increased in Ulaanbaatar city, where almost half of the population lives.
During the kindergarten drill in 2014 ©Save the Children
During the kindergarten drill in 2014 ©Save the Children

Achievements in 2015

  • To improve inter-sectoral coordination, 276 specialists from emergency, education, child&family Development departments from all districts of Ulaanbaatar city, 21 aimags, public schools and kindergartens of Bayanzurkh and Chingeltei districts trained in Child Protection in Emergencies
  • 160 peer children trained to establish child participation groups in schools. These groups have been disseminating their disaster risk knowledge and skills with teachers and other children
  • The project supported a working group for revision of amendments to the Law on Disaster Protection to incorporate disaster risk reduction and child protection in emergencies issues
  • 8 target organizations developed their own emergency preparedness plans and practiced drills regularly, resulting improved the protection of 11,500 children
  • Collaboration with the child participation group of the 97th secondary school, developed and disseminated a series of video lessons on topics of reducing disaster risks.
  • 3,500 copies of posters for children on prevention of accidents were developed and disseminated nationwide. Moreover, the posters were translated into the Kazakh language and disseminated in Bayan-Ulgii province, where an ethnic minority population lives
  • 18,000 copies of bookmarks and school lesson planners, with messages on prevention and safety from earthquakes, home accidents, forest fires, snow storms and emergency hotlines disseminated
  • Public awareness campaigns on local TV channels. A total of 500 copies of the TV announcements were disseminated to the local levels

Preventing earthquake promo video ©Save the Children