Since 1999, Save the Children Mongolia Program by the support of Cirque De Soleil of Canada has been implementing Social circus project under the child protection program. The program aimed to socialize the marginalized children, reunifying them with their families, promoting their life skills, providing support for their families, promoting public participation and initiatives, and introducing and implementing a social circus methodology and techniques.
In 2015 Save the Children started collaboration with new partner, the National Center for Lifelong Education under the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science on the Social circus project. The Center is in charge for providing non-formal education nationwide and its services for illiterate, out of school and school dropped out children, youth and adults.

Over 9,000 children have participated the Social Circus project in Mongolia since 1999.
Social circus kids before performance in 2014 ©Save the Children
Social circus kids before performance in 2014 ©Save the Children

Project Achievement in 2016:

  • 330 children aged 6-18 years who had dropped out of school have benefited from the program
  • Conducted 200 hours training on circus techniques, children's physical and social development to social workers & teachers working with the children
  • Teachers and social workers received methodological support and training during the 360 hours of Social Circus classroom training for 60 children enrolled in non-formal lifelong education centers
  • 120 teachers, staff, social workers, parents and adults were involved in advanced training sessions and forums offered by the Social Circus to discuss and share experiences of children’s rights, children’s participation, social work case management and stress management
  • Children’s physical growth, body flexibility, coordination and movement improved with training. Social Circus also helped them develop healthy habits, skills to express themselves and the ability to work as a team, attributes that build self-esteem, independent decision-making and goal-setting
  • A number of activities to raise public awareness of the methodologies by the Social Circus

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